11pets: Connect


Our objective

The objective of this project was to develop the 11pets: Connect to enable veterinary clinics to establish structured communication and collaborate with the pet families by taking advantage of modern web and smartphone technology. Clinics will save time, improve their customer service, efficiency, and customer loyalty, comply with the data protection requirements and increase their income. At the same time, this collaboration will lead to a significant improvement in the level of pet-care.

11pets: Connect will be offered as a web application and will be accessible by any web browser. It will coexist with the clinic’s PIMS and periodically exchange data with it (details are given later in this section). The external entities (customers or other professionals) will be able to interact with the clinic through their 11pets account (accessible through the 11pets: Pet Care app or the web portal). For these entities, the system will automate all processes as it has a direct communication channel (the 11pets: Cloud) between them and the clinic. As for the customers that do not have an 11pets account, 11pets: Connect offers alternative semi-automatic processes, which are also detailed later in this section.

Our deliverables

1. Decide the UX/UI designs by resolving the flows first and then proceed to development.

We invested in the corresponding UX/UI designs that helped us to resolve many of the business incidents through effective designing.

Our development team and our external partners are working together in an agile way to identify and design user journeys and user flows. UI/UX and user journeys have been mapped therefore the development team has a clear understanding of what needs to be developed.

The UI/UX team has delivered all the user journeys and suggested improvements on UI/UX. The delivered designs have been tested to make sure that users find our solution easy to use and perform within the solution the desired objectives/actions in an intuitive way.

Our next steps are for the UI/UX team to do a final review of the final product to suggest fine tunings and additional design elements to make the solution more attractive to our target audience.

2. Intellectual Property protection and dissemination of the project results

Commercialization plan

11pets: Connect is a testament to the fusion of technological innovation with deep insights into the operational challenges and client service expectations in veterinary practices. By offering a comprehensive suite of management tools, 11pets: Connect not only streamlines clinic operations but also elevates the standard of care provided to pets, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

The commercialization of 11pets: Connect focuses on how the platform has adeptly responded to the pressing needs of veterinary clinics of various sizes, from small practices to large hospitals. A key to its rapid market penetration has been the platform's ability to offer tangible benefits such as reducing missed appointments through advanced booking and reminder systems, facilitating a paperless and efficient administrative workflow, and enabling clinics to focus more on client and patient care rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Dissemination Activities

The foundation of 11pets: Connect's dissemination strategy is its comprehensive marketing plan, which is detailed in the Commercialization Report. This plan outlines a multifaceted approach aimed at enhancing platform awareness, engaging potential users, and driving adoption. Key elements include:

• Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging both digital and traditional marketing channels to create a cohesive and compelling narrative about 11pets: Connect's value proposition.

• Targeted Outreach

Focusing on veterinary professionals and pet care providers through industry-specific channels and forums to ensure messaging resonates with the core audience.

• User Engagement Initiatives

Implementing campaigns designed to encourage active participation from existing users, turning them into advocates for the platform within their professional and social circles.

Google Recognition and #weareplay Campaign Inclusion

A significant achievement for 11pets: Connect has been its recognition by Google and inclusion in the Google Campaign #weareplay. This acknowledgment serves not only as a testament to the platform's leadership in providing innovative solutions for the pet care industry but also as a powerful tool for boosting credibility and increasing visibility.

See more here: https://play.google.com/console/about/weareplay/

Strategic Importance of IP Protection for 11pets: Connect

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and competitive markets, the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) stands as a critical pillar for 11pets: Connect. This comprehensive strategy is designed not only to safeguard our proprietary software and innovations but also to fortify our position as leaders in the pet care industry.

IP protection strategy overview

• Securing Software Components

With a foundation built by the founders, access to the core software components is meticulously controlled, ensuring that employees interact only with necessary parts of the code. This layered approach to security underscores our commitment to preserving the integrity of our technological assets.

• Robust Confidentiality Measures

Through the implementation of confidentiality agreements, 11pets: Connect guarantees the protection of sensitive information, a practice further reinforced by rigorous employee agreements aimed at preventing IP leaks.

• Advanced Reverse Engineering Protection

We employ state-of-the-art industry practices, such as code obfuscation and secure API access, to defend against unauthorized reverse engineering attempts, ensuring our innovations remain exclusive to our platform.

3. Provide all the supporting functionality of 11pets: Connect and implement all features of 11pets: Connect

11pets: Connect stands at the forefront of digital innovation in the pet care industry, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of veterinary clinics and pet owners. All the latest enhancements to the platform have been meticulously designed to streamline operations, bolster security, and enrich user engagement.

11pets: Connect is a comprehensive digital platform designed to transform the landscape of pet care by seamlessly integrating veterinary services, pet management, and owner engagement into a unified ecosystem. At its core, the platform leverages cutting-edge technology to address the nuanced challenges faced by pet care professionals and pet owners, offering a suite of tools that enhance operational efficiency, improve the quality of care, and foster a collaborative environment between veterinarians and pet families.

Key Components of the Platform

Account Management and Billing System

A robust account management system lies at the foundation of 11pets: Connect, offering clinics the ability to sign up, manage subscriptions, and handle billing with ease. The platform supports diverse roles within a clinic, providing differentiated access based on credentials, thus ensuring data integrity and security. The billing system integrates with leading payment solutions like Braintree and Stripe, facilitating global transactions with pricing options.

Data Import/Export Functionality

Recognizing the diversity of Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS) in use, 11pets: Connect introduces a versatile data import/export framework. This system enables seamless data exchange between the platform and various PIMS, supporting a range of data formats through an innovative intermediate representation scheme. This functionality significantly reduces the barriers to platform adoption, allowing for easy integration with existing clinic operations.

GDPR Compliance and Appointment Scheduling

In compliance with GDPR, 11pets: Connect ensures the secure handling of pet medical records and lab results, offering features that allow clinics to share important health documents electronically with pet owners. The platform's advanced appointment scheduling system is designed to accommodate multiple professionals and calendars, supporting both routine and emergency visits, thereby streamlining the appointment management process.

Remote Monitoring and Preventive Care

A standout feature of 11pets: Connect is its remote monitoring capability, which enables veterinarians to track the health status of pets outside the clinic environment. This feature allows for the sharing of medical incidents, photos, and notes directly through the platform, facilitating timely interventions and follow-ups. Additionally, the platform automates preventive care reminders, ensuring pets receive vaccinations and treatments as scheduled.

Supply Top-Up and Lab-Work Return

To assist clinics in managing recurring sales of pet supplies, 11pets: Connect automates the reminder process for top-ups based on consumption rates, directly notifying pet owners through the app. The platform also simplifies the return of lab work to pet families, organizing documents in their accounts for easy access and sharing.

Marketing and Communication Tools

With customized templates and automation features, 11pets: Connect empowers clinics to engage in effective marketing and communication with their clients. From promotional activities to medical advisories and appointment reminders, the platform offers a range of tools to enhance client communication and build loyalty.


The Project ENTERPRISES/0521/0031 is implemented under the programme of social cohesion “THALIA 2021-2027” co-funded by the European Union, through Research and Innovation Foundation.