Research at 11pets

At 11pets we are doing research and development that can produce knowledge for the community and create new products.

Current projects

11pets: Shop


The 11pets: Shop brings the e-shop solution that the industry needs. It combines the automations of ecommerce together with the personalized attention and guided pet-care maintaining the personal connection between the pet family and the pet-specialty channel of its choice. 11pets: Shop will allow retailers to continue operating with normality even in periods of restricted mobility mitigating the effects of any future crisis.

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11pets: Shelter


The project aims to respond to the industry need for a “one solution for all shelter needs” and evolve 11pets: Adopt into a new product named 11pets: Shelter, which sees the shelter not only as an animal-care organization but also as a business that has legal and accounting obligations, has customers (adopters & potential adopters), needs to automate its internal operations and needs to generate income. Instead of using different unconnected software solutions to target each aspect of their operation, 11pets: Shelter provides an all-in-one system guaranteeing data consistency. Its automations lead to significant savings in human resources and maximizes efficiency.

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11pets: Connect


This project regards the development of 11pets: Connect which enables veterinary clinics to establish structured communication and collaborate with the pet families by taking advantage of modern web and smartphone technology. Clinics will save time, improve their customer service, efficiency, and customer loyalty, comply with the data protection requirements and increase their income. At the same time, this collaboration will lead to a significant improvement in the level of pet-care.

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