11pets: Shelter


Our objective

This project aims at evolving 11pets: Adopt to respond to the industry’s need for a “one solution for all shelter needs” to a new product named 11pets: Shelter which sees the shelter not only as an animal-care organization but also as a business that has legal and accounting obligations, has customers (adopters & potential adopters), needs to automate its internal operations and needs to generate income.

Our goals

  • To provide shelters with a comprehensive toolset for managing day-to-day operations including animal profiles, health records, and adoption processes.
  • To automate administrative tasks such as scheduling, communications, and billing to free up resources for critical care activities.
  • To enhance the quality of animal care through structured health monitoring and preventative care reminders.
  • To increase revenues for shelters

List of deliverables

1. Dissemination Activities

  • Overall Strategy

Channel-Agnostic Funnel Approach: Guides potential users from initial awareness to advocacy with consistent messaging across all channels.

  • Awareness Phase

Goals: Introduce "11 Pets: Shelter," emphasizing its mission to enhance animal shelter management and welfare.

Tactics: Use content marketing, targeted social media campaigns, and public relations to raise awareness and establish thought leadership.

  • Consideration Phase

Goals: Educate potential users on the platform’s benefits and features, pushing them towards consideration.

Tactics: Conduct webinars, live demos, publish case studies, and optimize content for search engines to enhance visibility and engagement.

  • Decision Phase

Goals: Encourage users to choose "11 Pets: Shelter" by highlighting user satisfaction and value.

Tactics: Offer free trials, utilize customer testimonials, and provide comparative analyses to demonstrate the platform’s advantages over competitors.

  • Advocacy Phase

Goals: Convert satisfied users into advocates to expand reach and influence through referrals.

Tactics: Implement a referral program, develop a user community, and engage users with a feedback loop to foster a proactive community and improve the platform.

  • Integrated and Data-Driven Approach

Integrated Communications: Ensure consistent messaging across all communications for a seamless user experience.

Data-Driven Optimization: Use analytics to continuously refine marketing strategies and personalize content to increase engagement and conversion rates.

2. Commercialization plan

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Target Market Segmentation: Focus on regions with high concentrations of animal shelters and humane societies, particularly those with high rates of pet adoption and technological openness.

Strategic Partnerships: Establish alliances with animal welfare organizations, veterinary associations, and pet care brands to enhance credibility, facilitate integrations, and expand market reach through co-marketing opportunities.

Launch Campaign: Execute a comprehensive launch campaign utilizing digital marketing, social media, industry conferences, and PR efforts to build awareness and credibility. Use success stories and testimonials from the beta phase to demonstrate value and effectiveness.

  • Sales and Distribution Channels

Direct Sales: Use a dedicated sales team for personalized client outreach, providing consultations and demonstrations tailored to the unique needs of animal shelters.

Online Platform: Sales and information hub where customers can explore product features, access pricing information, subscribe or purchase directly, and find training and support resources.

Channel Partners: Create a network of technology providers and consultants specializing in the non-profit and animal welfare sectors to increase market reach and provide localized support.

  • Pricing Strategy

Value-Based Pricing: Implement a tiered pricing structure that reflects the significant benefits and potential cost savings provided by "11 pets: Shelter," tailored to accommodate various shelter sizes and complexities.

Freemium Model: Introduce a basic free version to encourage initial adoption, with options to upgrade to premium features and services based on user needs and feedback, aiming to expand the user base and refine product offerings.

3. Supporting functionality

  1. Electronic appointments
  2. Preventive-care reminders
  3. Return of lab-work
  4. Active electronic prescriptions
  5. Supply top-up reminders
  6. Marketing and customer communication
  7. GDPR / CCPA compliance
  8. Remote Monitoring
  9. Coexistence with PIMS [Practice Information Management System]

4. Shelter Management Features

In order to be able to deliver the functionalities that will be the 11 pets Connect solution a number of features and modules had to be developed, extended or repurposed e.g.

  1. VET information
  2. Roles and access
  3. Employees and services
  4. Calendars

5. Traffic Monetization engine

The "11pets: Shelter" platform embarks on an ambitious Traffic Monetization initiative designed to create a sustainable revenue stream, essential for supporting the ongoing development of the platform and contributing to animal welfare causes. This initiative is a strategic response to the dual objectives of maximizing the platform's financial self-sufficiency and enhancing its value proposition for shelters, advertisers, and the broader animal welfare community.

We have successfully implemented a robust framework for advertisers to engage with our community, developed an advertiser portal for campaign management, adapted our web catalogs for promotional content, and established a comprehensive reporting mechanism. These achievements underscore our commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and the mission of "11pets: Shelter."

6. UI/UX Improvements 

The decision to prioritize UI/UX design early in the development of "11pets: Shelter" was informed by a deep understanding of its critical importance. A well-designed UI offers intuitive navigation and accessibility, enabling users to interact with the platform effortlessly. Simultaneously, a thoughtfully crafted UX ensures that users achieve their objectives within the platform, fostering positive engagement and long-term adoption. For a platform serving animal shelters—a sector with diverse technological proficiencies—these elements are not just beneficial; they are essential.


The Project ENTERPRISES/0521/0220is implemented under the programme of social cohesion “THALIA 2021-2027” co-funded by the European Union, through Research and Innovation Foundation.